Easter – A time for Eggs and Exam prep!

easter revisionAlthough Easter is a time for family, relaxing, and perhaps a little excess chocolate and hot cross buns, there will also be many minds turning towards revision for upcoming tests and exams in the summer term. From SATs to GCSEs and A levels, there will be many preparing to search back through revision materials and past work to find the key to unlock great results. We are sure your school has already been offering every bit of help you can think of. Easter revision groups, online tuition, and even SATs residentials are all happening this Easter holiday.


There are a couple of ways you could use your school website to help with the exam prep necessary. Below we have shared a number of links relevant for some key subjects and year groups which you could add to your website so that students can find relevant, and importantly, good quality revision for their subjects. If you don’t want to copy them all to a page in your website simply share this blog in one of your news items!


You could also add revision timetables to your school website, and add the exam dates and times to the school online calendar to ensure no student has a last minute midnight panic about times when there is no-one available to ask! You could even add in compulsory rest days or times into the calendar – or suggested bedtimes – if you felt the need to remind your students to take their noses out of their books for some added rest and relaxation too.


Useful revision links: 

Key Stage 1 SATs:

The Oxford Owl website has great tips for parents and explains what is involved in the Key Stage 1 SATs


Maths Made Easy has some sample papers and questions to prepare for KS1 SATs


Twinkl has a range of downloadable SATs revision papers and resources



Key Stage 2 SATs:

Oxford Owl again provides great links and information for parents to prepare for Key Stage 2 SATs


The School Run also has great tips for parents to support their children from home


The Department for Education also offers past papers for download and use at home




BBC Bitesize has a range of resources to revise for GCSE maths for all major exam boards


Maths Made Easy has a range of practice papers and questions


The Hegarty Maths YouTube Channel has a load of videos teaching all strands necessary for the maths GCSE, as well as some great revision tips



BBC Bitesize comes through again for English Language revision with a choice of exam boards

And for English Literature


The TES resources area has plenty to offer English Language also. Not all are free but plenty are!


And TeachWire have shared a number of great resources here including app recommendations



The Freesciencelessons YouTube channel covers loads of topics in short videos and also has videos with revision tips


GCSE Science website has lots of quick revision quizzes on a range of topics


Seneca Learning is a free site full of revision guides for KS3 through to A level


Computer Science:

BBC Bitesize has a number of resources for each exam board


Computer Science GCSE Guru has produced lots of theory guides and quizzes


Seneca Learning have a whole host of revision modules with a free sign up


All subjects and levels:

Seneca Learning


BBC Bitesize


Maths Made Easy (not just maths!)




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