Colourful School Website Designs

There are signs everywhere that spring has sprung, with flowers popping up in every flower bed and the days finally getting longer. With the dreary grey of winter lifting, we thought we would celebrate some of our favourite colourful school websites.

Evan James

The background of this website is an illustrated and idyllic country scene. The school sits in a field alongside autumnal trees. Each ‘sign’ on the vertical signpost menu is a different rainbow shade. The pictures on this website are a great example of how a carefully planned photo can blend seamlessly into the colourful school website design.

Colourful Primary School Website


Willesborough Infant School and Willesborough Junior School

These two schools ran a competition for their students to design their new websites, and the results are adorable! The Infant School website has rainbow above a drawing of the school, with students playing outside. The diary dates are in a tree, and the multi-coloured menu tabs are on a signpost on the left. Written in multi-coloured text above the rainbow is the school’s slogan, ‘Wonder, Inspire, Shine’.

Colourful School Website

Willesborough Junior also has a rainbow in its design, with inspirational words such as ‘leadership’ and ‘respect’ in each band of the rainbow. A small photo gallery is found in the sun, and the background illustration depicts a sunny countryside scene with grassy hills and trees.

Colourful School Website


Bertha Park High School

This Scottish Secondary School is due to open in August 2019, but their website has been up and running since 2018, providing updates on the construction progress and recruiting staff for the school. The four colours used throughout the website are blue, magenta, purple and green. Highlights of the website include animated statistic wheels, and the school’s YouTube channel and twitter page shown in a ‘Bertha Park Socials’ panel.



When first landing on the Penwortham website, visitors are presented with a full-screen photo background and red menu-drop downs. It does not immediately look like a very colourful school website until you scroll down. Each panel of the home page is a different colour, creating a vibrant rainbow effect as you go down the page. The colours are transparent overlays, with photos of students and school life underneath.

Colourful School Website - Penwortham

Richard Atkins

Having a colourful school website does not need to be overpowering. For example, the many colours used throughout the Richard Atkins Primary School website are often translucent, such as in the header. The boxes on the homepage are predominantly white, with bright circles and boxes adding a pop of colour.

Colourful School Website


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