Launching Easy Prospectus for Schools

Your school prospectus in 3 easy steps

Easy school prospectus

Today we’re excited to be launching Easy Prospectus, a no-nonsense print design service for schools and colleges.

We’ve been providing school prospectuses and print services to schools since 2007, but now we’ve teamed up with Paul & Bob who between them have over 80 years (yes really!) experience of print design and printing as established printers. With their expertise, we’ve streamlined the prospectus process and created time-saving templates.

Easy school prospectus steps

Easy Prospectus uses the convenience of the internet click and go with the peace of mind of a dedicated designer to guide you through your prospectus project. You can have your school prospectus completed in 48 hours, with satisfaction guaranteed at a great price.

easy school prospectus free trial

You can e-mail or call 0800 955 3999 and we will be happy to help.

Not sure if your school should get a new prospectus? You can read more here.

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