Websites for Schools in Multi Academy Trusts

Often, one of the services provided by Multi Academy Trusts to schools within the trust is a website.  We have a lot of experience of working in partnership with MAT’s to provide  websites to their schools. To maximise the cost savings available to schools, many schools in Academy Trusts wish to share a common or “family” design for their school website. Multi Academy Trust websites often provide the branding foundations for the rest of the academies.

A good example of this are the school websites which form part of the Clevedon Learning Trust.

MAT Website, Academy Trust Website, Multi Academy Website by Greenhouse School Websites

The Clevedon Learning Trust Website

Above, the Clevedon Learning Trust has a clean, modern panelled design. Uses neutral colours, as it serves as a parent design to several trust sites. It is coded with extra wide layout, so it looks great on wider monitors, as well as being responsive to standard width screens, smartphones and tablets. Our social media wall sits on the right hand side, for a neat, slide-out experience. Multi Academy Trust websites often serve information about the trust, and overviews for each of their Academies. Clevedon Learning Trust’s website also serves recent news about trust and it’s academies.

Clevedon School Website Design for MAT

Clevedon School Website Design

The website for Clevedon School was the first school website we designed for the trust as a path finder. It shares the trust site’s wide, panelled design, with clear sections down the home page. Again, we’ve included our social media wall on the right. Clicking the twitter icon will expand the social wall allowing users to keep up to date with Clevedon School via Twitter.  Responsive design is another great feature on the Clevedon website allowing users on smart phones to easily access and navigate through the website.

Once the overall design and layout is established, if they wish to, the other schools in the Academy Trust can benefit from cost savings by following the “group look”. Colours are updated to match the school branding and various sections can be tweaked to suit. The result is a surprisingly distinctive and bespoke look for each school but still retaining a family feel.

For more details about our school website costs please see our website. And if you’re part of an Academy Trust, don’t forget to ask us about the cost savings available!

Below you can see the website design for Tickenham Primary School with their distinctive blue and yellow colours.

Tickenham Primary School Website Academy Trust MAT Website

Tickenham Primary School Website

And here we have the design for Yeo Moor Primary School – also part of the Clevedon Learning Trust. This would be a good time to mention the “supernav” bar all the sites share at the top of the page, where a link to parentpay, and Google’s translate tool sit – providing easy, unobtrusive access.

Yeo Moor Primary School Academy Trust Website MAT

Yeo Moor Primary School Website

Finishing of the Academy Trust School within the Clevedon Learning Trust are Northgate Primary SchoolPuriton Primary and Mary Elton Primary School – the final three schools to join the Trust. It’s a great example of how when a common, “family look” is established, new schools joining a multi academy trust can seamlessly integrate into the trust’s branding. In many cases, when this happens, the new site is even better than the schools previous website. We transfer the initial content too, which makes it even easier. Given that our prices are really competitive, it often saves the school, and Trust some money!

Multi Academy Trust Website Design Provided By Greenhouse School Websites

Northgate Primary School Website

Puriton Primary Website Multi Academy Trust Websites By Greenhouse School Websites

Puriton Primary Website

Mary Elton Primary School Website

Mary Elton Primary School Website

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