Is your website ready for a visit from Ofsted?

Is your website ready for Ofsted?

As most people are aware, schools have a legal duty to arrange for specific information to be published online. As part of their pre-inspection preparation, Ofsted Inspectors are instructed to check the school website for statutory compliance. There is even evidence that non-compliance can trigger an inspection.

However, this is not all bad news, as our research has shown that these patterns are detectable. In many cases we are able to predict an inspection and provide schools with advance notice with our Ofsted Inspection Early Warning System.

Our data team have analysed millions of points of data from over 1,000 of the school websites we have built. From analysis of our systems and extensive backtesting of schools who have been inspected, it’s clear that Ofsted give the school website an extremely thorough check.

“Our research has shown that these patterns are detectable. In many cases we can provide schools with advance notice of an Ofsted Inspection”

Of course, schools still need to ensure that their statutory content is in place well in advance.

You can request a FREE checklist which covers these requirements and other useful suggestions for information which should be on your website.

And you need a great looking, easy to update new website for your school then look no further than our website!

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