Examples of Multi Academy Trust Websites

We’ve recently worked on a number of Multi Academy Trust websites. As more and more schools convert to Academies set up trusts the need for dedicated Trust websites increases. Typically a ​Multi Academy Trust (MAT) website can provide the following benefits:

  • ​Act as a placeholder for people who wish to learn more about the MAT​
  • Articulate the vision of the MAT
  • Provide an easy way to describe and visit the websites of the Academies which form part of the Trust
  • Act as a central repository for common information such as Academy policies which the other schools can link to

Let’s take a look at the MAT websites we’ve been working on and highlight their key features.

Lutterworth Academies Trust Website

Lutterworth Academy Trust

Lutterworth Academies Trust consists of Lutterworth College and the Sir Frank Whittle Studio School in South Leicestershire. The Trust website includes the Trusts Vision & Values, biographies of the directors, as well as key documents such as a section for minutes of the AGM and a policies page. On the home page we have also embedded a twitter list which combines the twitter feeds of the schools within the trust. This is a great way of automatically adding news from both schools to the MAT website.

And finally, there are of course links on the home page to the 2 schools which form the trust as well.

Moor End Academies Trust Website

MoorEnd Academy Trust Website

The Moor End Academies Trust Website combines a particularly strong set of key information on the home page. They have a short welcome with strong images, a prominent vision area as well as a panel which highlights the 4 key priorities of the trust. There is then a latest news area followed by links to the Trust partners which include a Teaching School. This Trust website also includes an area to publicise staff vacancies existing within the various schools.

The Olympus Academy Trust Website

Olympus Academy Trust Website

The Olympus Academy Trust website serves 2 secondary schools and 2 primary schools near Bristol. This a neatly laid out website with a prominent welcome, latest news, twitter feed and quick links to key information as well as school logo links to the 4 schools. The content for the website itself is very comprehensive with plenty of information about the trust as well as a downloadable trust newsletter and a magazine. There’s plenty of information about the schools in the trust with pages where you can download the prospectus for each school as well as view photo galleries and performance information for each school.

Ouseburn Learning Trust Website

Ouseburn Learning Trust Website

This is a larger Multi Academy Trust which serves 7 primary schools and a secondary school in Newcastle upon Tyne. The home page is very novel including an interactive map which displays the location of each school as their logo and allows a click through to each schools website. Below the main area there is a scrolling notices area, a twitter panel as well as latest news. Throughout the site there is plenty of additional information about the trust and its’ trustees.

The Stour Academy Trust Website

Stour Academy Trust

The Stour Academy Trust consists of 5 primary schools in Kent and is a typical example of Academy trust websites. It has a clear welcome and clear button links to each of the schools. The content covers the typical areas of Governance, who they are and policies but also covers why their trust is different and their plans for the future.

Stranton Academy Trust Website

Stranton Academy Trust

The Stranton Academy Trust covers two Academies in Hartlepool. Again, all the key information is included such as identity, history, governance and vision. However this trust website also includes details of the services they can offer such as Financial and ICT support which might be of interest to other schools considering joining their trust.

The Village Academy Trust Websites

TheVillage Academy Trust

Not all Academy Trust websites cater to as many schools as The Village Academy with seven primary schools. However the website is a model in clarity with clear home page and easy to find information about the trust. You can also see if you click to visit any of the primary schools that each primary school website shares a common look, but are individually branded and with individual illustrations of their surroundings. Quite beautiful!

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