5 ways to make your parents love your school website

1. Be mobile friendlymobile school website

Our statistics show that over 50% of visits made to a school website are from visitors using a smartphone. A mobile-friendly site allows parents to navigate quickly and easily from their preferred device.

2. Ensure content is easy to find

One of the biggest frustrations for parents is being unable to find what they need. A clear and simple navigation system with well organised pages will go a long way to help. Consider quick links on the homepage for often requested information such as term dates and newsletters. But resist the temptation to cram everything onto the home page!

3. Keep the content up to date

Fresh content will keep parents engaged. An easy to use Content Management System is a must to ensure there’s no reason not to keep your website up to date with news, diary dates, newsletters, photo galleries etc.

4. Add a translation tool

Make it convenient for those parents whose first language is not English to read the website in their native tongue. It’s also another way of demonstrating to OFSTED how you engage with hard to reach groups.

‚Äč5. Ensure your school website looks good

An attractive looking website will be a pleasure for parents visit. And good looking websites will almost certainly have a clear layout, pleasing colours and clear, easy to read text.

And of course, Happier Parents = Happier School!

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