Planes, Trains & Automobiles

For some of our more illustrative designs, planes are a popular feature to have!

Iver Heath Infant School & Nursery

Iver Heath decided to have a plane flying across the top carrying the school’s mission statement.



St Mary’s CE Primary School, Albrighton 

St Mary’s have a banner pulling spitfire with a rotating propeller.



Hamilton Academy

Hamilton Academy have a train in their illustrative design.



Gossey Lane

A cartoon style plane decorates Gossey Lane’s bright and colourful home page.



Bridge Farm Day Nurseries

The plane with a moving propeller on the Bridge Farm Day Nurseries site appears at the top on every page.



Milford Primary School

Yeovil’s main employer is a helicopter factory producing military helicopters – like the one seen in this design!



Suttons Primary School

In WW2, a pilot left his plane in the fields behind Sutton Primary School – hence why they have a British plane on the right hand side of their design.



Robert Browning Primary

There are a couple of cars illustrated in Robert Browning’s London themed skyline.

Robert Browning Primary School   Home



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