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UPDATE – This page is a few years old now so please visit our website for the latest Ofsted & statutory requirements checklist.


This time last year we ploughed through not just the Ofsted school inspection handbook, the school framework for school inspection but also 18 different briefing notes for inspectors. Phew! Are we mad? Quite possibly. But we simply wanted to make sure we can give you the best advice when it comes to your school website. We also produced a handy pdf checklist for you to use when you come to think about the content for your website. So this year, we put the kettle on, lined up a stack of digestives and settled in for another mammoth read. But, hallelujah! Over the summer Ofsted have revised their documentation for inspectors and culled “275 pages” of guidance! Relieved, we only needed to read the new handbook, framework plus Inspecting safeguarding & the Special Educational Needs (Information) Regulations 2014… Oh dear, more digestives please… We’ve highlighted the key points below and provide links to key resources later.

Special Educational Needs (Information) Regulations 2014

This is a new statutory requirement from September 1 2014. These regulations are discussed more fully in our blog post Special Education Needs Regulations for your school website.

Manner of publication of report 52. The governing body or proprietor of the school must publish on the school’s website its  report containing SEN information.


From the school inspection handbook 2014:

Inspectors planning & preparation

4. Inspectors must use all available evidence to develop an initial picture of the school’s academic performance. Planning for the inspection must be informed by analysis of:

information on the school’s website, including its statement on the use of the pupil premium, the statutory sharing with parents of curriculum information (so the lead inspector can start to assess the breadth and balance of the school’s curriculum and whether it is likely to promote preparation for, and an appreciation of life in modern Britain), the special educational needs (SEN) information report, and other information for parents

Where “other information for parents” refers to statutory website content.

Quality of leadership & management

152. Inspectors should consider how well leadership and management ensure that the curriculum:

information about what is taught in the curriculum each year is shared with parents and carers, including by meeting the statutory requirement to make curriculum information available on the school’s website

It’s worth noting that if you do not have the full statutory information on your school website it appears you cannot achieve an Outstanding grade.

“It is not yet an outstanding school because Governors do not meet statutory requirements with respect to the school website.” OfstedInspection Report for Primary School, Shropshire


From Inspecting safeguarding, Sep 2014:

53. Inspectors should ensure that they are aware of information available to the public, reported in the press or accessible on the internet, including that available on the school’s website. This may contain information related to safeguarding. Inspectors should therefore do a check on the internet as part of their pre-inspection planning to see whether there are any safeguarding issues that may need to be followed up during inspection.


 Key Resources

Ofsted: The framework for school inspection – updated July 2014 Ofsted: School inspection handbook – updated August 2014 Ofsted: Inspecting safeguarding in maintained schools and academies – updated July 2014 The Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014 – September 2014

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