5 things to do on your website before the end of term

We’ve brought this post up to date for July 2018. You can read the updated post here.


It’s a busy time of year, no question, but you can bet September will be even more hectic! So here’s 5 tips to help you ensure your school website hits the ground running in the new academic year.


1) Review old content
Purge those old newsletters and letters to parents. While you’re at it, why not have a quick flick through the pages and see if there’s anything else out of date or just plain superfluous? Don’t forget you can easily disable a page using the CMS if you’re not sure about deleting it.


2) Welcome back note
You can look super organised by penning a welcome back news item now and scheduling it to publish on your website just before you return to school. In fact any page or news item can be scheduled in this way.


3) Diary dates
If you haven’t already it would be a useful head start to add in a few term dates as diary dates so they will appear across the website in your diary date panels if you have them. Don’t forget the first day of term!
Some parents prefer to have a full list they can download and print so be sure to add a pdf or Word version too.


4) Statutory content
Yuk. But it’s the law. Have a quick scan of the summary in this previous¬†post¬†and double check you’ve got everything covered.


5) New parents
Why not help new parents with a page dedicated to them with all the documents, FAQs and key information all in one place? Go the whole hog and add a quick link or button on the home page so they can’t miss it when they visit the school website.


If you’ve forgotten how to do any of these things, just give us a call or email and we can quickly help you out.


Now go find that bucket & spade!


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