Ofsted School Website Guidelines?

UPDATE – Please visit our website for the latest school website guidelines.


It’s been just over a month since the new school website statutory requirements regarding the content of school websites came into force. So far this term we’ve had several hundred schools contact us mentioning the new Ofsted School Website guidelines.

Though these requirements aren’t strictly from Ofsted, there is plenty of evidence that with no notice inspections, they will be taking a very good look at your school website ahead of any inspection. Indeed, page 5 of the School Inspection Handbook states that inspection planning should be informed by analysis of, amongst other things:

Information available on the school’s website, which may include a prospectus and other information for parents.

And, if you want more insight about the importance Ofsted put on an up to date school website, look no further than HMCI himself, Sir Michael Wilshaw who said in a speech earlier this year that no notice inspections “will support the good head who thinks carefully about how to prepare for an inspection by ensuring the website is up-to-date with information on school evaluation, development planning, the school timetable, etc.

To be honest, for many years we’ve been helping schools realise the benefits of a beautifully designed & usable website which is quick and easy to update. One that extols the school’s uniqueness and is informative for its key audience which may be a combination of current parents, prospective parents & staff and the wider community. Focus on these core elements and Ofsted won’t fail to be impressed.

The current ‘stick’ for a new website may well be Ofsted, but whatever your reasons for seeking a new website, we’ll help ensure it’s more rounded and packed full of carrots!

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