Statutory Requirements for School Websites

UPDATE – Please visit our website for the latest school website compliance checklist.


New regulations for school websites come into force on 1st September 2012 by way of amendments to the School Information Regulations 2008. If the school does not have their own website they must arrange for this information to be published on a website and the details made known to parents.

Specified information to be published on a school’s website:

  1. Contact details
  2. Admissions arrangements
  3. Most recent Ofsted report or link
  4. Most recent KS2 results (data prescribed)
  5. Most recent KS4 results (data prescribed)
  6. Link to school performance tables on DfE website
  7. Curriculum content by year group by subject with source for additional information.
    • KS1 phonics & reading scheme details.
    • KS4 course & qualifications
  8. Behaviour policy
  9. Pupil premium amount, details of last years spend and its impact on attainment
  10. Governing body report on implementation of SEN policy
  11. Charging and remissions policy
  12. Statement of ethos and values

Details from

If you’d like to discuss the features of our school websites which will help make publishing this information slightly less painful, please contact us.




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