Cookies and School Websites

Not the edible kind

You may already be aware that on 26th May 2012 new rules about cookies on websites came into force.

The only cookies used by any of our websites are for Google Analytics, which allow you to track the number of visitors to your website. These are classified as ‘performance cookies’ (ie not advertising cookies), so our interpretation of the compliance procedure appears to be quite painless; you just need to create a ‘terms’ page for your website.

To help, we have prepared some text which you are welcome to copy from this page on our website:

We’d suggest adding a “Terms” page, maybe as a sub-page of the Contact menu.

We have heard a couple of reports of companies using scare tactics and offering their services for several hundred pounds in order to make the school website ‘compliant’.
We’d recommend contacting us first as you shouldn’t need to spend lots of money in this way.

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