Are Our School Website Prices Too Good To Be True?

No, they’re just fair.

But with so many companies charging thousands of pounds, it’s understandable you might think that’s the ‘going rate’.

We recently worked with Kim Leffingwell a bursar from Ysgol Bryngwyn School. Here’s what she said;

“We decided that since we wanted a dynamic site that was to be updated regularly that we needed to use a content management system (CMS). We considered doing this in-house using something along the lines of Plone or Joomla, but since the site is to be updated by me and the senior admin officer, we felt that the learning curves for such content management might be too steep and the designing of the initial website again would be beyond our abilities.

We searched the internet and found three companies offering the initial design and an online CMS that we could access anywhere to update our site. We contacted two of these companies that sent out a representative to our site and we were shown the products, which were essentially the same – it would have been hard to have chosen between them. The price for both was approximately £5,000 for the initial design and first year’s charges. Although we knew this was exactly what we wanted, we held off as this was an awful lot of money in hard times.

We went back to the internet and came across another company that offered the same kind of package as the other two companies, but to keep cost down would do the consulting by phone and internet – and, the price was less than £1,000. I wondered if this was too good to be true and went to their site to check out the sites they had done and was very impressed. These sites were every bit as good as the sites that schools had paid £5,000 for. I then decided to call a few of the schools randomly to see how their experience of working with the company was and both schools had nothing but positive statements.

We know that we have made the right decision and have a professional website to prove it.”

So, get some quotes, then let us show you what we can do for you.

Too good to be true? No, too good to miss!

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