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About Greenhouse School Websites

When we formed in 2007 we took a long, hard look at school websites and decided that we could offer something better. We developed our Better School Website Vision:


Every school website should be:

  • Beautiful and easy to use,
  • Quickly & easily updateable by the school,
  • Affordable for every school,
  • Supported fanatically.

We also wanted to bring high ethical standards to our work so that schools would always be assured we were working hard in their best interests.

Our updated branding in 2015 signals our revitalised purpose to deliver our school website vision. It reflects an identity which stands for simplicity, honesty and beauty.

The Green Team

Approachable and enthusiastic, we're genuinely interested in helping your school make its' website a success.

  • Dedicated team at your service
  • Built & managed over 1,500 school websites
  • Environmental & ethical business practices

The team at Greenhouse School Websites are passionate about websites that look great, are easy to use and as accessible as possible.

Greenhouse School Websites team characters