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School Logos & Branding

From logos to letterheads, we can help you with all aspects of your visual identity and school branding.

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As with businesses, schools have to work out and articulate what they stand for. The image of a school sends out important messages to the community and local authorities. Schools tend to steer clear of commercial terms such as marketing, but used correctly marketing can close the perception gap between how a school is performing and how it is judged in the community.

Higher education has always used marketing techniques such as branding, promotion and having a prospectus. Schools can use marketing techniques to give parents confidence in where they are sending their children. This can be achieved through utilising the school website and local publications to spread good student news - it all enhances the value of a local school as a brand.

On a practical level, our branding services incorporate message articulation and logo, stationery, signage and uniform design, email and Word templates, and printed material such as prospectuses.


Here are examples of some of the new logos we've worked on for schools.

  • BPS Logo Mockup 1
  • BPS Logo Mockup 2
  • BPS Logo Mockup 3
  • BPS Logo Mockup 4
  • ECS Learning Hub Logo Mockup 1
  • ECS Learning Hub Logo Mockup 2
  • ECS Learning Hub Logo Mockup 3
  • ECS Learning Hub Logo Mockup 4
  • St Michael's Logo Mockup 1
  • St Michael's Logo Mockup 2
  • St Michael's Logo Mockup 3
  • St Michael's Logo Mockup 4
  • Invicta Primary Logo Mockup 1
  • Invicta Primary Logo Mockup 2
  • Invicta Primary Logo Mockup 3
  • Invicta Primary Logo Mockup 4