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Ashdown Primary School website

  • Date: November 2015
  • Phase: Primary or Middle
  • Features: Animals, Google Translate
  • Launch the website for Ashdown Primary School
I've been meaning to say for a while that your gallery feature is absolutely fantastic. We have just been on a residential trip and I kept parents updated with what the children were doing and how they were getting on by uploading photos to galleries. After the initial teething problems - all my own fault - it was so quick and easy to upload the photos to the right galleries. It then became easy to link galleries on pages as I went through the week - which saved a considerable amount of time from previous years with previous methods that we used. In fact, I spent a shorter time uploading a whole gallery and going live with it than I had done in previous years with uploading just one photo. The whole system is so intuitive. Thank you very much.Dave Pinard