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School Website Content Management System

Our School Content Management System has been designed specifically for schools and enhanced over the last 10 years with feedback from schools.

Our CMS is packed with features to make managing your school website easy and enjoyable and comes with unlimited support from our friendly Greenwich team.

  • Bespoke design
  • Unrivalled Support
  • Update any time, from anywhere
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    1. Unlimited

    Our content management system allows you to create unlimited pages and unlimited menus. You can easily re-order menus and sub-menus, and upload thousands of documents, photos and videos.

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    2. News
    & Calendar

    News & diary dates are at the heart of communication within a busy school. Our CMS allows you to add a diary date or news item and allow it display across the site automatically. You can add multiple diary dates in one go and choose to display dates as a list or in month, week, day view format. Parents can even subscribe to the school website calendar and add it to their own calendar.

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    3. Password
    Protected Areas

    You can password protect individual pages, or create areas which require a log in e.g. for parents, staff or governors. You can create as many password protected areas as you wish.

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    4. Role Based

    Through the CMS users manager, you can delegate and share the content editing with other staff, governors or even parents and pupils - you can choose which pages other editors can see and edit. The CMS gives you full control to create new users and manage existing users, and choose whether content editors can publish directly to the internet or to a 'pending approval' area.

  • Alert icon

    5. Home
    Alert Page

    Perfect for emergencies or school closures, our Home Alert feature allows you to publish a key message that will appear before the main website home page. It can be pre-populated in advance and enabled with one click so there's less to think about at 6am in the morning when you're expecting snow!

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    6. Photo

    Parents love to watch photo galleries! And other visitors will be drawn to photos which can say much more than words. Batch upload photos in one go and sit back and watch the sideshow or view thumbnails and jump around. Create as many galleries as you wish and organise them with our clever gallery groups feature which allows you to tag a gallery so it automatically appears on the right page.

  • List icon

    7. Document

    Tired of adding policies to your website one by one? No more. Upload documents to a folder and our CMS Auto-list feature will automatically list them on a page. You can create your own auto-lists and use them for things like Newsletters, Letters Home, and Policies.

  • Version Control icon

    8. Version

    Don’t you wish everything you did had a rewind button? You can edit any page on your website with confidence as you can always go back to a previous version. So go ahead and experiment!

  • Scheduled Publishing icon

    9. Scheduled

    Need to make a page live at 6am on a Monday morning but don't fancy getting up early? Then scheduled publishing is for you. You can also schedule pages to stop appearing on your website at a particular time - a popular feature for job adverts.


Whatever your requirements are, we can make it happen. Here are some of our additional features - if you have any special requests, all you need to do is talk to us.

  • StatisticsGraph icon


    Our sites come with Google Analytics ready to use. Find out how people find your site, how many visitors you're getting, where they're coming from and which are your most popular pages.

  • Integrated MapMap icon

    Integrated Map

    The Google interactive map, which is probably the best known online map, is a great tool for pinpointing your school's location. We'll add one for you for free.

  • SEOSearch icon


    Every page you create is automatically optimised for search engines with standards compliant code and structured content. We have ensured that our websites generate 'real' page addresses which are loved by search engines.

  • UsabilityGlasses icon


    We are also strong advocates of combining great design with 'usability'. Your visitors should be able to find what they need easily and intuitively. We'll ensure that good layout and sensible navigation keeps your visitors happy.

  • Social MediaShare icon

    Social Media

    Whether it's Twitter, Facebook or another social platform we can integrate a feed into your website or simply add some nicely designed links. If you don't have a Twitter account, we can set one up for you and integrate it into your website for £95.

  • BlogNotepad icon


    We can link to your own blog for FREE. Alternatively, we can set up a new blog, and customise the look and feel to reflect your main website for a fee of £395.

  • VLE LinksChain icon

    VLE Links

    Your school may use various systems for staff, pupils and parents such as a VLE, email or for payments. We can design in some handy quick links to make life easier for everyone.

  • Mobile AppMobile icon

    Mobile App

    Our school apps seamlessly integrate with your school website allowing any news, diary dates & photo galleries added to your website to be quickly shared with parents. You can even send push notifications. You get your own school branded app in iTunes or the Play store and it's free for parents to download. Learn more.